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GNU Queue is a load-balancing and batch-processing system that features an innovative job proxy mechanism which allows users to control their remote jobs in a nearly seamless and transparent fashion. No special privileges are required for installation.


Recent releases

  •  01 Nov 2000 22:17

    Release Notes: Incorporation of a major contribution that allows control of running jobs through a centralized queue_manager process and control utilitiies (default: not compiled in), and a RedHat 7.0 fix.

    •  10 Sep 2000 18:21

      Release Notes: Numerous bug fixes (including a fix for deadlock bug) and preliminary support for hetergenous clusters.

      •  30 Jul 2000 21:11

        Release Notes: Replacing the older NFS protocol with a TCP/IP protocol (eventually to become TLS), beta checkpointing support, fixes for the spooling problems with the pre-releases of 1.20 (jobs now go out to network if sitting around on a compute server too long), and many other bugfixes.

        •  19 May 2000 18:31

          Release Notes: Removal of problematic OS-dependent load-average code in getloadf() in queued.c and replacement with changes to queued.c to obtain load averages using getloadavg.c from GNU Emacs.

          •  07 Mar 1999 16:02

            Release Notes: Added experimental kernel-level and user-level checkpointing support. Kernel-based checkpointing support for Linux kernel allows checkpoint migration (dynamic movement of running jobs) of the interactive 'vi' editor (AFAIK a historic first) as well as simpler, multi-process scientific applications. User-level checkpointing works cross-platforms but requires applications to be checkpoint-ready. This is an early development release for experienced users who want to being experimenting with and developing their applications for checkpointing immediately.

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            23 Mar 1999 07:08 davidneto

            See also Generic NQS
            See also Generic NQS (


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