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Quelea is lyrics projection software for churches. It aims to incorporate the best features of existing solutions as well as leveraging new, useful technologies that existing solutions don't have.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Feb 2014 23:46

    Release Notes: The interface was rewritten in JavaFX. An option was added to keep the same size text for each part of a song. Video background support was added. The clear text option now fades. The black option now fades. A new logo option was added. It can easily fade live view to any given image. A loop button was added for presentations along with a test patterns dialog for calibrating displays. The theme panel was revamped and is now much easier to use. Text position and text alignment can be set separately per song. Opensong, OpenLP, Easyslides, and plain text import were added along with many more features.

    •  14 Oct 2012 16:02

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where Powerpoint presentations weren't always saved in a schedule.

      •  05 Sep 2012 22:26

        Release Notes: This release adds better PowerPoint support, including support for the new PPTX format and transitions/animations using OpenOffice, vastly improves the collection of provided images, fix an "edit song" -> cancel clearing text bug, flickering backgrounds, clear screen options, file filtering on the export menu, and an intermittent video bug with Linux preventing Quelea from starting, changes a couple of icons to make them more usable, anti-aliases text small and large, and adds various other bugfixes.

        •  22 Mar 2012 02:08

          Release Notes: Video errors are now more clearly displayed. A large number of images in img folder no longer locks Quelea up. You can now drag an image over a song / bible passage to set its theme. Quick edit can now delete sections. The option to display text with a shadow has been added. Long labels have been split up so that messages don't go off the end of the screen. The number of monitors is reloaded on the fly without the need to restart. Themes can be edited from the quick theme menu. The quick edit shortcut has changed from 'alt' to 'control' as part of the fixes to get it working properly on Linux.

          •  29 Feb 2012 15:11

            Release Notes: Better searching, a better UI, and a much faster algorithm. A reworked UI with no ribbon. Missing labels have been added. A stage view. A volume / status bar has been added to videos. File filters are now case-insensitive. Startup speed improvements. Corrupt Powerpoint files are handled properly with an error. Missing labels have been added to the language file. There is a dialog to check whether to save the schedule before quitting. Time is displayed on the video panel. A Kingsway importer bug has been fixed. An add bible bug has been fixed. The grammar on the spellcheck message has been fixed.


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