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Quadra is an addictive puzzle game and competitive, action-packed multiplayer game all-in-one. It features incredibly smooth gameplay, recursive line clearing allowing blocks to combine in violent chain reactions, block shadow to help you drop blocks with precision 10 levels with colorful background images and matching sound effects, integrated CD music player, worldwide highscore table with recordings of your best performances, fully configurable multiplayer mode with team play, keep an eye on your opponents with the remote watch windows, chat window, powerful and flexible user interface TCP/IP support for internet or LAN multiplayer games and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2009 03:46

    Release Notes: A fullscreen mode for X11 was added. Support for Svgalib was removed. Crashing on some level changes was fixed. The "trails" bug was fixed. Compilation problems with GCC 3.0 and up were corrected.

    •  26 Oct 2001 01:45

      Release Notes: New network protocol, new handicap system, improved supports for themes, source code comments partially translated to English, statistics support, HTTP proxy support, more distribution cleanups, and more bugfixes.

      •  05 Dec 2000 15:54

        Release Notes: Work to clean up the distribution is ongoing. The registration code was completely removed. All image resources have been converted to the PNG format, cutting the disk space requirements of Quadra in half. Various bugs were fixed.

        •  25 Nov 2000 01:09

          Release Notes: Security fixes, svgalib is now optional, partial PNG support, and development releases with a new versioning system like the Linux kernel.

          •  17 Oct 2000 19:27

            Release Notes: This release adds a minor update for various bugfixes, removal of the registration system (at last!), and Red Hat 7.0 support.

            Recent comments

            12 Dec 2008 21:21 pphaneuf

            Re: Closed source installer!?

            > Please move away from the closed source

            > last- decade Install Shield installer

            > for Windows. Both Inno Setup and NSIS

            > can do what you have here.

            I *think* we're currently using NSIS, for some value of "currently"? I'd have to check with the Windows maintainer...

            12 Dec 2008 21:12 dllmain

            Closed source installer!?
            Please move away from the closed source last- decade Install Shield installer for Windows. Both Inno Setup and NSIS can do what you have here.

            13 Mar 2001 16:07 pierrephaneuf

            Quadra master server troubles
            We're having some trouble with the Quadra master server list. We're working on this at the moment, but this will require an update to Quadra itself.

            Updates will be made on our web site and to the quadra-announce mailing list as soon as everything is back in order.

            08 Aug 2000 09:59 bero

            Compilation fix for 1.1.4
            1.1.4 doesn't compile out of the box on Red Hat Linux 7.0beta.
            Patch at (

            08 Jan 2000 01:27 windozesux

            Excellent Game
            I honestly didn't like plain ol' Tetris before I found Quadra (the clones were pretty cool though, like Tetris Attack). Anyway, this is an excellent game. Nice graphics, nice sound, and very cool multiplayer. My only gripe is the game is not very stable in some areas... I sometimes had fatal crashes as I got up in the higher levels, and I thus got screwed out of setting some very good high scores. Still, for $10, you can't go wrong with Quadra. :-)


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