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QtUnit is a unit testing framework for C++ which compiles into a shared library. It uses the Qt library for platform independence. Tests can be compiled into modules which are automatically reloaded after modification. The text and graphical testrunners are fully localized and integrate perfectly into IDEs for the display of the exact source location where failures occurred.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Sep 2002 14:01

    Release Notes: Loading and displaying of projects with multiple modules was fixed.

    •  11 Jun 2002 17:17

      Release Notes: A new copyright statement in all source files, changing the namespace to com_uwyn_qtunit, and a new German translation.

      •  01 Apr 2002 09:21

        Release Notes: This release includes fixes to make QtUnit compile cleanly with gcc 3.0.4. The GUI is now multi-threaded, and the methods setUp() and tearDown() methods are now virtual. Support was added for custom messages through new macros, they are prepended to the real error message. Support for uint and ulong was added to the assertions.

        •  18 Jan 2002 18:21

          Release Notes: Fixes for some spelling errors, addition of assertNotEquals and assertNotEqualsDelta with corresponding macros, new 'const char *' type support in assertEquals and the macro qassertEquals, and fixes for compilation problems under windows with Borland and Microsoft compilers.

          •  11 Jan 2002 19:11

            Release Notes: This release has a more relevant example testcase, better reporting in case of system exceptions, and better support for detection of the filename of test cases. A new view of registered tests has been implemented; the classname is now shown as a seperate list item, and the tests themselves only display the test method name. Test class listitems are collapsible to make it easier to work with a lot of test cases. TestUnit from QObject has been integrated to make it possible to use signals and slots in testcases and testsuites. NULL has been replaced with 0. A French translation has been added.


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