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QtOIDUA is a graphical user interface for OIDUA, an Audiolist clone that generates lists of audio files based on their location in a directory tree. It supports all features of OIDUA, and makes it easy to create fields, add directories, choose colors, and set options. Users can even save list configuration files so that they can easily recreate any previously created list.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2005 10:14

    Release Notes: Options that the allow user to specify whether a new file, the previously opened file, or a specific file is to be loaded on startup were added. A bug that caused options to be enabled and disabled improperly under specific conditions was fixed. The icon was resized slightly so that it better fits in both Linux and OS X. The icon is now displayed in Linux if supported by the user's window manager. It is no longer necessary to manually copy the icon into the application bundle and edit the Info.plist file when compiling in OS X. A logo was added to the About window. Other small changes and cleanups were made.

    •  26 May 2005 10:04

      Release Notes: The main window now remembers its size when closed and restores it next time it's opened. Message box alerts displayed from the settings window now look the way they should in OS X. New OIDUA options are now supported. The program now checks to ensure that the specified OIDUA executable is actually OIDUA, checks its version number, and enables/disables options accordingly.

      •  07 Mar 2005 13:05

        Release Notes: Changing the output file location now raises the modified flag. Include directories can now be moved up and down. Message boxes are now more descriptive: They include helpful information and more intuitive buttons. When opening a QtOIDUA file, it now checks that it wasn't written using a newer version. The Merge Identical Directories option is now recognized when saving, loading, and making new files. The OS X app bundle now has its own icon. The separator toggle now works for both fields and strings. There were various minor code and UI improvements.

        •  25 Jan 2005 19:43

          Release Notes: No longer needs to know Python's location. If there is a problem verifying an option, this release will bring focus to the option when it displays the error message. It always asks if you want to overwrite the output file if it already exists. It supports the Merge Identical Directories option. There are numerous user interface improvements.

          •  21 Oct 2004 09:11

            Release Notes: This release featured a few small bugfixes, minor additions, and some code cleanups.


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