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QtAda is an Ada2005 language binding to the Qt libraries and a set of useful tools. It allows you to easily create powerful cross-platform graphical user interfaces completely on Ada 2005. QtAda applications use the native look and feel on every supported platform. It also allows you to develop your own widgets and integrate them into the Qt Designer for high speed visual GUI development. It uses a native thread-safe signal/slot mechanism and provides full transparent integration with Ada tasks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Oct 2010 05:19

    Release Notes: Support was added for the QtOpenGL module; for the QDir, QFileInfo, QProcessEnvironment, QSettings, and QUrl classes of the QtCore module; for the QAbstractTextDocumentLayout, QColorDialog, QGraphicsObject, QGraphicsSimpleTextItem, QGraphicsTextItem, QImage, QImageReader, QImageWriter, QPlainTextDocumentLayout, and QRgb classes of the QtGui module; for additional operations of classes of the QtCore and QtGui modules; and for mixed GtkAda/QtAda applications on the X11 platform. Bugfixes and performance speedups were also done.

    •  27 Sep 2010 17:45

      Release Notes: A complete reimplementation of all QObject and QGraphicsItem classes. A significantly simplified user's class template: one user defined class can be placed in one package. Separate Constructors and an Impl package are not needed.

      •  27 Sep 2010 17:43

        Release Notes: This release creates project files for examples. It improves support for QTextFormat and subclasses. It improves support for QFileDialog. It fixes bugs in QtSql bindings.

        •  05 Feb 2009 10:59

          Release Notes: Documentation in the Qt Assistant format was added. Integration with the GNAT tool chain including gprbuild and GPS was added. Support for the QtXml modules was added. Support for the QtCore and QtGui modules was extended. Support for safe pointers to instances of QObject subclasses was added. Support for printing was added.


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