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01 Sep 2002 12:46 Nebriski

Mail check speed
I'm using Qpopper 4.x and I have a problem.
I thought it was the configuration that made this slow.
but now i have another configuration.
P90. 64 MB's of Ram.

If I do a mail check and the client connects to Qpopper.

Then it goes fast checking if there is no mail (added)
But if there is...
The verifiing takes about 1 minut and the
close connection about 1 to 1,5.

I'm using the cash option.
And now my question is, how can i make this quicker?
If this possible?

Maybe you can help me a little bit further.

Kind Regards,

Boris Nebriski

30 Jun 2002 21:37 chram

what is zombie?
could anyone please give me a definition of what zombie is? when i write "top" it shows.. and i havent been able to find a definition of what it is.
Also, how may i find out what this is?

31 Oct 2001 06:09 gruberk

Qpopper -> .PID
I'm still missing the creation of an .pid file, when qpopper is started. Is this feature on your future plans of implementation or am I just overlooking this?

15 Feb 2001 18:37 rcg

Re: Beware!

> Under Solaris 8, this left about 50
> zombies around in standalone mode

Standalone mode was new to Qpopper (it is usually run
from inetd). I believe the problem with zombie
processes on some platforms is fixed in current
versions (Qpopper 3.1.2 and Qpopper LX 4.0b11).

10 Oct 2000 10:58 shaman

Under Solaris 8, this left about 50 zombies around in standalone mode before I ixnayed on the .13ay. I don't think this is quite a final release IMHO.


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