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Qore YAML module

The Qore YAML module provides functions that enable Qore data in the Qore programming language to be serialized and deserialized to and from YAML strings and Qore data structures.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2013 11:01

    Release Notes: This releases fixes a problem serializing and deserializing zero-length durations. The YamlRpcHandler module was enhanced to provide more flexible logging. The source code is now available under the MIT license as well as the LGPL 2.1.

    •  11 Nov 2012 13:18

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that also adds support for serializing the new arbitrary-precision numeric type introduced in Qore 0.8.6.

      •  03 Jul 2010 08:54

        Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with deserializing untagged and unquoted integer and floating point 0 and 0.0 values; they were incorrectly deserialized as strings. Additional information is provided when an exception is raised while serializing scalar values (normally this happens when a string has an encoding error).

        •  30 Jun 2010 05:40

          Release Notes: This initial release provides serialization and deserialization between Qore data structures and YAML strings. All Qore data types (except objects) can be serialized as YAML strings without any data loss, including the microsecond and time zone components of date/time values. Qore durations are handled with a custom YAML type (tag: !duration). YAML string output formatting can be controlled with options to the makeYAML() function. The module requires Qore 0.8.0 as it uses type info and date/time APIs found only in newer versions of Qore.


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