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qmail-ldap is an extension to stock qmail-1.03 to get all user account information from an LDAP database. Its primary target is POP toasters with thousands to millions of users, such as in ISP, FreeMail, and Corporate environments. It features full SMTP/POP3/IMAP server clustering for scaling and high availablity. Additionally there are state-of-the art spam filters, TLS SMTP encrytion, and mailbox quotas. A migration path for Netscape Messenger and's Post.Office installations is provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jan 2004 01:13

    Release Notes: This release fixes the pre-packed daemontools run scripts, qmail-verify zombies in certain cases, and quota settings for auth-pop and auth-imap.

    •  03 Dec 2003 22:02

      Release Notes: qmail-reply will clear its reply database when the reply text changes. Case sensitivity in the file locals.cdb, which was failing on domain names with upper case characters, has been fixed. Sending HUP to the main qmail-send process also reloads all configuration files in qmail-lspawn.

      •  13 Nov 2003 19:19

        Release Notes: A qmail-qmqpd bug which caused deferrals on slow links, a Linux-specific include in the passwd function, and the call to OPENSSL_free have been fixed. qmail-smtpd will no longer 550DISCONNECT on the RSET command. The correct file is read in rcpthosts.c.

        •  13 Nov 2003 19:17

          Release Notes: All function prototypes are defined correctly. An infinite loop in auth_imap has been fixed. Relaying is stopped when rcpthosts does not exist. A typo in qmail.schema has been fixed. A DUPEALIAS feature has been added for X.400 replacements. There are new boot file examples.

          •  01 Oct 2003 13:35

            Release Notes: Full SMTP AUTH support was added for PLAIN and LOGIN methods. LDAP SMTP recipient verification and LDAP SMTP sender verification were added. Unverified senders/recipients are rejected at the SMTP level with a 550 response. The IGNOREVERISIGN option was added to map Verisigns Sitefinder answers to the original NX_DOMAIN response. An SMTP cluster cookie was added for early detection of loopbacks if servers are beind NAT devices. RBL tagged messages in qmail-reply can now be ignored. An 550greeting option was added to reject SMTP connections right away. A couple of other minor bugs were fixed.


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