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qmail Lazydog (previously known as Big Q) is an installation script for Linux that installs qmail 1.03 with some patches like the qmail-queue patch (for virus scanners), TLS patch (to enable secure SMTP), SMTP auth, oversized DNS patch, glibc patch, tarpit support, regex support, big concurrency, maildir++, vpopmail for virtual domain management, autorespond, Binc-IMAP, the ezmlm/idx mailing list manager, qmailadmin and vqadmin Web administration tools, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2004 02:34

    Release Notes: A new bundle patch to qmail based on netqmail+tls+smtpauth+maxbouncesize has been made. ezmlm-idx has been upgraded. There are some minor code fixes.

    •  12 Feb 2004 01:00

      Release Notes: bincimap has been updated to 1.2.6final. The old version had a serious bug that would not show the header info on the listing of the email messages on some clients.

      •  02 Feb 2004 17:43

        Release Notes: vpopmail was updated to 5.4.0 stable, and qmailadmin was updated to 5.4.0 stable. This version is pretty stable and might become a "stable" release soon.

        •  27 Jan 2004 22:11

          Release Notes: This release updates most of the applications and some patches. Some new patches have been added, and supposedly it should work on FreeBSD as well. It uses Binc IMAP instead of Courier IMAP. It is now easy to change the auth module from cdb to mysql, and easy to apply Spamassassin and Clam antivirus (if you follow anti-install.txt).

          •  19 Jun 2003 08:49

            Release Notes: This version adds many bugfixes, and removes most of the comments.

            Recent comments

            30 May 2003 17:04 Raboo

            Re: NO RUNNING ON OPENBSD3.1

            > Im testing bigQ on OpenBSD3.1 !!!
            > not running :(

            It does with a small amount of hacking. And also I'm letting you know that soon I will have a qmail installation script generator that will support most things.

            05 Jun 2002 16:32 NiTrOs

            NO RUNNING ON OPENBSD3.1
            Im testing bigQ on OpenBSD3.1 !!!

            not running :(


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