Comments for QuickDownloader

23 Feb 2004 06:39 javabrain

Coming Soon QuickDownloader v5.0
QuickDownloader v5.0 is due to be released towards the end of February and is currently going through testing.

Visit QuickDownloader's ( web site for more information regarding this release

24 Oct 2003 07:01 javabrain

Installer Error
The RPM installer Zero G continues to through errors when attempting to install QuickDownloader. For the time being users should download the OSIndependent version of QuickDownloader instead

24 Oct 2003 06:58 javabrain

Incorrect version released
For those who have downloaded the OSIndependent version of QuickDownloader would have found it contained v4.0 and not v4.4 User can find the correct version in v4.4.1 from the Sourceforge site. Check my web site for details

24 Sep 2003 06:56 javabrain

Patch 4.3 Released
Need For Patch: High

Changes: Download/Resume Time inconsistencies fixed, Resuming of download errors fixed

Release Date: 24/09/2003

Home Page gives information on how to download

23 Sep 2003 00:45 javabrain

Patch 4.2 available for QuickDownloader
Please download the patch

<b>Need For Patch:</b> High
<b>Changes:</b> Proxy Setting bugs fixed
<b>Release Date:</b> 22/09/2003

02 Sep 2003 06:26 javabrain

Re: A Major Bug Found that affects the Resuming Of Downloads
FIXED v4.2

02 Sep 2003 06:25 javabrain

Re: Current Issues with QuickDownloader
FIXED in v4.2

07 Aug 2003 06:16 javabrain

Current Issues with QuickDownloader
Low Risk - Users should be aware of the current issues with QuickDownloader which affect the application

*) The Zipping of download does not work - This is being looked into
*)The Archiving of Downloads Does not work - This is being looked into

These two issues DO NOT affect the downloaded or resumed file any way

30 Jun 2003 06:56 javabrain

A Major Bug Found that affects the Resuming Of Downloads
A Major Bug has been Found that affects the Resuming Of Downloads with QuickDownloader. User should use v3.3 instead of v3.1. The Bug is that the appliation incorrectly reads a file and may resume a file from the beginning instead of the last point where it stopped in turn corrupting the file.
[This bug has only occured with 3 users]


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