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QuickDownloader is a download manager that accelerates downloads by between 200 and 300%. It provides a resume capability for resuming broken downloads. It supports both HTTP and FTP downloads.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2004 20:06

    Release Notes: This release adds a total rework of the Main Download GUI and its components. An 80% reduction of the code brings the size to less than 2MB. Support for multiple downloads has been added. New themes have been added, and users are now able to add their own themes by using the "Add Theme" GUI. Memory usage has been reduced to less then 2MB.

    •  23 Oct 2003 18:01

      Release Notes: A number of bugfixes have been implemented. It has also gone through extensive testing to correct bugs, making it the most stable version yet. It has automatic notification of when a new version has been released.

      •  22 Sep 2003 13:11

        Release Notes: QuickDownloader now includes support for Updater, which is able to replace buggy code without having to reinstall the application. This allows updates also to be implemented on QuickDownloader. A Download History tab that records information on all downloads was added. QuickDownloader can now be loaded in the user's System Tray. FTP Proxy support was added. A "Download Location" button was added to the resume tab. The user can initiate new downloads through the System Tray. Archived downloads can now be maintained (i.e. renamed, moved, deleted) through QuickDownloader.

        •  30 Aug 2003 14:49

          Release Notes: This release adds the use of Error Codes to identify errors, more Error Handlers, support for multiple Downloads, System Integrity Checkers to ensure that all critical components exists, a memory use reduction, the ability to both Download and Resume simultaneously, better handling of errors restructuring of all Packages and classes, a Message Box removal, support for third-party themes, user-specific locations for saving downloads, and a desktop button which can set the location to the user's desktop.

          •  05 Aug 2003 21:11

            Release Notes: A number of major bugs have been identified and fixed. New modern themes have been added. Code cleanup has been done in all of the classes.

            Recent comments

            23 Feb 2004 06:39 javabrain

            Coming Soon QuickDownloader v5.0
            QuickDownloader v5.0 is due to be released towards the end of February and is currently going through testing.

            Visit QuickDownloader's ( web site for more information regarding this release

            24 Oct 2003 07:01 javabrain

            Installer Error
            The RPM installer Zero G continues to through errors when attempting to install QuickDownloader. For the time being users should download the OSIndependent version of QuickDownloader instead

            24 Oct 2003 06:58 javabrain

            Incorrect version released
            For those who have downloaded the OSIndependent version of QuickDownloader would have found it contained v4.0 and not v4.4 User can find the correct version in v4.4.1 from the Sourceforge site. Check my web site for details

            24 Sep 2003 06:56 javabrain

            Patch 4.3 Released
            Need For Patch: High

            Changes: Download/Resume Time inconsistencies fixed, Resuming of download errors fixed

            Release Date: 24/09/2003

            Home Page gives information on how to download

            23 Sep 2003 00:45 javabrain

            Patch 4.2 available for QuickDownloader
            Please download the patch

            <b>Need For Patch:</b> High
            <b>Changes:</b> Proxy Setting bugs fixed
            <b>Release Date:</b> 22/09/2003


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