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qdacco is an offline Qt Catalan to English dictionary application based on the Dacco project. It features the ability to send new words to the Dacco project, suggestions, search words, search closer words, copy and paste, and more. It is usable with only the keyboard or keyboard and mouse.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2008 21:16

    Release Notes: An initial version of qdacco using TrayIcon. If using TrayIcon, only open one instance at time (Dbus communication).

    •  27 Jan 2008 16:26

      Release Notes: An initial version of textdacco (needs lot of improvement). A new build system using cmake. The program has been split in three modules: GUI, text, and libqdacco. The tab order in the configure dialog has been fixed. After searching for a word with a long definition, you can use the down and up arrows and next and previous page to move the definition without losing the focus.

      •  15 Apr 2007 13:43

        Release Notes: Incremental search was implemented. Festival integration (in Linux) was added. An option to ignore the accents was added. An option to ignore the case of words was added. The option to search "closest matches" was removed. Ctrl+L can be used to select the search bar.

        •  21 Oct 2006 21:37

          Release Notes: This version was ported to Qt version 4.1. More information is provided, such as English and Catalan examples, notes of use, etc. Links to photos/flickr are shown. Clicking on them opens a Web browser, if configured. Minor bugfixes were made in the user interfaces. Minor bugfixes were made in the translation texts. Compilation when using Qt 4.2 was fixed.


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