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qconfirm is an implementation of a delivery confirmation process for a mail address or ezmlm mailing list. It is invoked by qmail-local through a .qmail file, and can reduce the amount of junk mail hitting a mailbox or the mailboxes of mailing list subscribers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Dec 2004 22:06

    Release Notes: The qconfirm programs now replaces unprintable characters in envelope sender address ids and message ids for request messages with colons and dots, respectively.

    •  24 Aug 2004 18:22

      Release Notes: The qconfirm-inject program has been fixed to work properly for users whose email address is controlled through qmail's virtualdomains, and no longer uses the environment variables QMAILUSER and MAILUSER as fallback for QNOTICE_USER. The documentation has been adapted accordingly.

      •  02 May 2004 13:03

        Release Notes: This version fixes a problem with the testing process seen on some filesystems. A minor bug in the qconfirm-check program that was introduced with the last version was fixed.

        •  22 Mar 2004 13:57

          Release Notes: Basic testing of the qconfirm programs has been added to the end of the package build process. qconfirm-check has been slightly enhanced, and minor bugs in the qconfirm-inject program and the documentation have been fixed.

          •  16 Mar 2004 16:09

            Release Notes: The qconfirm-check-mid program now matches Message-IDs regardless of case distinctions, and some typos in the documentation have been fixed.


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