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Quick.Cart is a small, simple, and multilingual shopping cart script. It offers plenty of options. It is very easy to setup and install, based on Flat Files, XHTML 1.1 compliant, WAI compliant, and very easy to customize. It has good support via email and forums, a WYSIWYG editor, SEO tools, no limits to products and pages depth, no limit to images per page, and more.


Recent releases

  •  15 Oct 2008 10:44

    Release Notes: The "Display text size option" option was added. If turned on, then a text size option will be displayed in page and product details. The "Always display subpages in menu" option was added. If turned on, subpages will always display in the left menu. The $config['inherit_themes'] variable was added in config/general.php. If true, subpages will display the same theme/template as the page's parent. The $config['time_diff'] variable was added in config/general.php, allowing you to change the difference in minutes between your local time and server time.

    •  15 Jul 2008 13:12

      Release Notes: New pages and product files list management, new "Display files from server in form" and "Change files name to page and product name" options in settings, the ability to add carriers to payment methods, a .htaccess file in "templates/" that disables viewing of template files for security reasons, and a few small bugfixes. The tinyMCE editor was updated to version

      •  11 Apr 2008 13:32

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  30 May 2007 16:30

          Release Notes: An administrator can now turn on or off an option in the configuration to see invisible products in the shop. Changing price format is now easier, since the price format is loaded from PHP and JavaScript functions. A link to print pages and product lists was added. A Safari menu bug was fixed. In the description editor, a bug with HTML lists was fixed. Other small fixes were made. HTML and CSS optimization was done. The libraries were updated.

          •  07 Mar 2007 13:40

            Release Notes: The libraries were updated. Some functional changes were made. Products and order printing use a new method based on @media in CSS. Photos and files can be positioned. Photo gallery viewing was improved. Other small changes were made. Security fixes were made for a low critical exploit. Three bugs were fixed.

            Recent comments

            07 Mar 2007 21:57 treewood

            Re: XHTML 1.1 Compliance

            > In operation at


            > this software does not appear to match

            > it's claim of XHTML 1.1 compliance when

            > referred to

            It was fixed in 2.0 and higher version

            30 Nov 2006 06:13 rossm

            XHTML 1.1 Compliance
            In operation at this software does not appear to match it's claim of XHTML 1.1 compliance when referred to


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