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METSlib QAP solver

The METSlib QAP solver is a Tabu Search solver for the quadratic assignment problem, a combinatorial optimization problem that arises in many applicative cases. It can be used to find optimal locations for a set of facilities while minimizing the cost of moving commodities between them, to optimize the placement of components on a circuit board, and for many other applications. This software is based on the METSlib framework.


Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2010 08:44

    Release Notes: A bug in the iterated search was fixed. Version 0.5.1 of metslib is now used. A very fast TS procedure was added to produce suboptimal solutions that should be no more than 2% away from the global optimum (at least on test instances with up to 100 locations).

    •  15 Oct 2009 09:41

      Release Notes: The Tabu Search strategy was improved. The strategy is as usual pretty naive, but gives good average results.

      •  25 Jan 2009 17:35

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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