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Qanava is a C++ library designed to display graphs on a Qt canvas. Qanava provide classes to generate various layouts of directed graphs and visualize their nodes with custom styles on a graphic canvas. Qanava is designed for applications with basic graph visualization needs such as Gantt charts, social networks, and document or network modelling applications. It is not meant for a complex interactive visualization of very large data sets.


Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2006 17:44

    Release Notes: This release uses QT 4.2.0 and the new GraphicsView framework. A library was added as a repository for widgets used to display graph features, such as styles or node lists. Custom nodes attributes can now be added to nodes through the graph interface. An abstract factory system allows the registration of custom nodes to be displayed in the graph view. New samples demonstrate style modifications and how to display custom node attributes (9/11 social graph).

    •  09 Jun 2006 15:23

      Release Notes: This release fixes serious bugs in GraphItemView and GraphItemModel, and adds better support for GCC compilation. It now works with the latest KDE4 qt-copy (qt 4.1.3).

      •  16 May 2006 00:37

        Release Notes: This release supports a full set of features (insertion/suppression/edition) to modify its graph, and all modifications are reflected to and from the Interview model. Qanava is now distributed under the GNU LGPL.

        •  02 Apr 2006 08:42

          Release Notes: Qanava no longer depends on QCanvas and does all its drawing as a standalone widget using Arthur. The model/view system now supports on the fly node insertion and suppression. Grid architecture has been cleaned, and the usual regular grid can now be changed with a check board one. The rendering code has received numerous optimizations and the UI is now much more reactive than with QCanvas code. This is the first version that is stable enough to be considered usable as a library in "unstable" code.

          •  09 Mar 2006 00:53

            Release Notes: This release is a full QT4 library and uses the QtCanvas version of QCanvas shipped with QT4.1+. Many bugs in the graph description module have been fixed.


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