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24 Sep 2001 20:49 abo

Works well.
I've now been using the 0.11 version for some time and it's been working fine. There appears to be no problems with this version.

The only quirk/feature I've noticed is when the tty usage reaches the point where my more restrictive rules apply, all users exceeding those limits are kicked (after notification) at the same time. This results in the tty load saw-toothing. It would probably be better if only the most-exceeding user was kicked first, thus bringing the tty load down below my limit, allowing the others to stay on.

29 Aug 2001 08:36 abo

This _is_ the homepage...
OK, usual deal for my tiny projects, the freshmeat entry _is_ the homepage. Any comments, questions, etc on this software, either post it here, or email me directly.

The 0.9 release of pyttymon fixes a fairly serious bug that caused it to crash when sending email notifications on hosts running an smtp server that requires a full email address with hostname. Some smtp servers will automaticly expand bare usernames to email addresses at the local host, but some don't. While I was at it, I added a command line option for specifying the hostname to use for emails.


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