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itools is a collection of Python libraries which provides a wide range of capabilities, including an abstraction over directory and file resources, a search engine, type marshallers, datatype schemas, i18n support, URI handlers, a Web programming interface, a workflow interface, and support for data formats such as (X)HTML, XML, iCalendar, RSS 2.0, and XLIFF.


Recent releases

  •  03 Mar 2010 10:03

    Release Notes: The new itools.soup package provides a minimal wrapper around the libsoup library. The itools Web server has been rewritten to use this library; the result is better support for the HTTP protocol. Performance of the itools.handlers database system has been much improved.

    •  24 Apr 2009 13:16

      Release Notes: This release adds a new feature in itools.git, facilities to start a sub-process that will specialize in calling Git commands. This is useful for applications that may take more than a little memory, so instead of forking a big process, a small one is forked. Python 2.6 is now required.

      •  21 Apr 2009 16:01

        Release Notes: The itools.vfs has been rewritten to use Gio. The Web server main loop is now based on the GLib. Extraction of text from office files (OpenOffice, MS Office, etc.) is much faster, and so is indexing with Xapian. The database layer (itools.handlers) has been improved with new features: read-only mode and versioning (with Git).

        •  09 Feb 2009 17:56

          Release Notes: This release brings back the Windows installers. There are also some minor improvements to itools.pdf (PML) and itools.odf. A few bugs were fixed.

          •  02 Jan 2009 18:36

            Release Notes: The 'frozendict' class has been added and the 'freeze' function has been finished. The 'is_datatype' function has been deprecated. There are various fixes, including #483 and #484.

            Recent comments

            21 Dec 2005 01:53 ufoot

            The right tool
            I use this library for the developpement of a project using technologies which can at first sight seem not be to be directly linked with itools (XUL, Google Maps...), but it has already proven to be very usefull.

            As long as your project involves some XML, web stuff, or content management, give it a try. It's worth it.


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