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python-cschtml is a Python binding for the CscHTML widget. CscHTML is a quite good HTML display widget built with GTK+. python-cschtml is intended to integrate well with pygtk, so that all usual GTK features can be used (signals, access to gtk parent classes, etc.).


Recent releases

  •  12 Mar 2001 01:12

    Release Notes: Explicit loading of the gdk-pixbuf library is done by the binding (not from Python), and minor internal enhancements (consistency checks).

    •  29 Oct 2000 19:36

      Release Notes: The bug that caused image loading to dump core has been solved. To those that see a complaint from gdk_pixbuf, a workaround has been found and demonstrated in the test program.

      •  03 Jul 2000 15:12

        Release Notes: First freshmeat announcement. Loading of images does not seem to work yet.


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