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Pyspice is an easily extendable SPICE pre-processor written in Python to reduce simulation times with little loss in accuracy. It was inspired by John Sheahan's spicepp and developed as a modular and extensible method of pre-processing netlists. Primarily, it has been used to reduce netlists from the output of layout extraction tools. It combines parallel MOSFETs and capacitors, and optionally drops small capacitors. Planned improvements include a hierarchical namespace (e.g. .subckt/.ends and .alter blocks), more devices, and .include/.model support. Unlike other pre-processors, comments and blank lines are preserved in their relative positions. This keeps the output netlist readable for subsequent editing or processing.

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Recent releases

  •  11 Oct 2006 18:24

    Release Notes: This release includes least default (pass through) handling of all element types. The structure of classes (in LEO) has changed: there are base classes that contain common attributes, and element classes that define the specific behavior. This version should work with any netlist and only touch M's and C's. Work is ongoing on the class structure.


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