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SoulSeek for Linux

Soulseek ( is a communication and file-sharing system. It is quite similar to Napster: it lets you exchange files, search for files, chat with other users in public and in private, browse their files, and get recommendations for music. SoulSeek for Linux is a GUI client for the system written in Python/wxPython. It includes all the major functionality: chat, searches, and file transfers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Dec 2008 21:17

    Release Notes: The postcard address has been updated.

    •  07 May 2005 18:06

      Release Notes: Code speedups, wxPython 2.6 fixes, and Unicode/character encoding fixes were made. Support for remotely-initiated uploads was added. An ignore button was added to searches. Graying out was re-enabled for users who left in the chat room.

      •  19 Jan 2005 03:48

        Release Notes: A new menu option to print all current tickers was added. New tickers are no longer printed automatically. Room searches and userlist searches use the new server messages, and are a lot less stressful on the client. There were various protocol fixes. The address for postcards has been updated.

        •  11 Jan 2004 07:00

          Release Notes: This version adds read-only ticker support.

          •  04 Dec 2003 21:34

            Release Notes: A problem with search requests returning no results has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            16 Feb 2007 11:52 akor

            Re: Is it stable?
            Ok. Thank you for fast reply.

            16 Feb 2007 09:53 alexbk

            Re: Is it stable?

            > I read article about soulseek network.

            > Author said that network is unstable due

            > central server. Is it right?

            Article says "It used to be the reason for network crashes due to CPU overloading." That means it happened in the past, but does not happen anymore.

            15 Feb 2007 16:55 akor

            Is it stable?
            I read article about soulseek network ( Author said that network is unstable due central server. Is it right?


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