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PyroScope is a collection of tools for the BitTorrent protocol and especially the rTorrent client. "pyrocore" is the component providing command line tools for automation of common tasks, like metafile creation, and controlling rTorrent via its XML-RPC interface. It also offers a documented API, with which these tools are implemented.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jun 2011 15:52

    Release Notes: This release provides support for the unstable version 0.8.8 of rTorrent, easier configuration by providing a rtorrent.rc include with standard PyroScope additions, and a build script and patches for an extended distribution of rTorrent (rTorrent-PS). rTorrent-PS adds some new commands, backports of a few 0.8.8 features, and a colorized download list that can optionally be collapsed to a one line per item display.

    •  17 Apr 2011 16:07

      Release Notes: This release adds Tempita output templates including samples for conky and cgi-bin status displays, bash completion for all commands, statistical summaries, a regex field filter, and some minor improvements and bugfixes. Note that two former rtcontrol short options (-S[top] and -C[lose]) were removed.

      •  05 Mar 2011 16:48

        Release Notes: The most prominent new feature is the ability to delete all or only incomplete data files together with a download item. The "hashcheck" tool was added to hash-check data. In rtcontrol, the "--tee-view" option was added to additionally show search results in ncurses view, the "--purge" and "--cull" options were added for data deletion, and "--sort-fields" names can be prefixed with a "-" to get descending order for that field only. In lstor, the --skip-validation option was added to show the contents of broken metafiles.


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