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PyKota Print Quota System

PyKota is a full featured, internationalized, centralized, and extensible print quota system for CUPS. It supports PostgreSQL, OpenLDAP, MySQL, or SQLite as the quota database backend. This software features most of what you might expect from a modern print quota and accounting solution. Its flexibility and configurability greatly eases its integration into your own computing environment.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Jul 2007 14:44

    Release Notes: Several new configuration directives were introduced to increase the software's versatility. You can now control the ordering in the output of the data dumper, either from the command line or when it's used as a CGI script. The "grey vs color" pseudo colorspace is now supported in ink accounting mode. Several minor improvements and bugfixes were done all over the place.

    •  03 Dec 2006 20:40

      Release Notes: The most important new feature is support for the accounting of ink usage. Several improvements were done all over the place in both usability and configurability. A lot of bugs were fixed.

      •  03 Jun 2006 20:44

        Release Notes: Many fixes were made to accommodate MySQL "features". A locking mechanism has been introduced to allow several print servers to access the same device without mixing print jobs and banners. More environment variables are now accessible to the print administrators' own scripts. The pkipplib library is now used to directly interact with the print server.

        •  10 Apr 2006 09:44

          Release Notes: MySQL and SQLite are now fully supported. A major rewrite of the command line tools was done to greately increase performance when managing several users, groups, printers, or billing codes at the same time. A PDF invoice generator is now included. The print server part of a tool which can interact with end users at printing time is now included. Many bugfixes and documentation improvements were done.

          •  07 Feb 2006 14:08

            Release Notes: This release is mostly aimed at adventurous souls. Complete MySQL support was added, but is in need of testing. Several improvements were done to SNMP and PJL hardware accounting routines. The whole database can now be exported with a single dumpykota command. The cupspykota backend may now be stopped cleanly by print administrators. The preaccounter directive was introduced in the configuration file to allow people to specify which parser should be used to pre-estimate the number of pages in a job, in case the internal parser is not appropriate.


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