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31 May 2007 14:49 swami1

Re: important! (version 5.6.30)
hmmm i got the last version from ur site :5.9 i've installed all the modules necesary for it but i got an error is about de
db_flush aparently it hits the exception from the db_flush it doesn't succed in flushing the MyDb any ideas in how can i solve that thing...this is the single error it gives me.Tanks
if so send me a link or a solution on

26 Jul 2005 10:32 pierlooqup

ps: i'm looking for GUI programmers, pygtk + glade should make it...

26 Jul 2005 10:29 pierlooqup

Code has been _almost_ completely rewritten for this release which adds an important feature that was really lacking: .m3u playlists are finally supported! Read the README on how to use them!

07 Jul 2005 07:00 pierlooqup

next release Todo's :)
already started working on the next release, which will (possibly) add these important features which are currently unsupported:

- playlist support

- subfolders allowed (currently not)

- general enhancements (security stuff)

05 Jul 2005 03:29 pierlooqup

NEW VERSION RELEASED (version 5.7.5)
The new version is released. This fixes major bugs in the old version, and it works smoothly (in my experience)

Please read the CHANGES and README for more info.

04 Jul 2005 06:38 pierlooqup

Re: version 5.7.x on the way

today i almost completed the new version.

- Unicode strings for artist names, etc (work great!)
(this used to be a really bad problem, since strange characters such as those from latin encodings would lead the player to crash)

- All the fields are now inserted in the Db (bitrate, freq, song lenght and so on...)

What else? ok check the CHANGES file when the release is out!

01 Jul 2005 11:19 pierlooqup

version 5.7.x on the way
currently working on the new version of the pyGogear. I realized i should use the "eyeD3" module instead of the "" since it gives more informations than the latter (such as track-lengh, mp3 bitrate...) which are currently un-handled and thus not inserted in the database - it actually works, but you won't see the progress bar when playing the songs ;(

01 Jul 2005 03:08 pierlooqup

important! (version 5.6.30)
please note that pyGogear v5.6.30 is not properly working yet. Next release will fix numerous bugs (in a short time, i promise).

I decided to release it anyway to maybe share this with someone else and to gather some collaborators.


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