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Extended Python Debugger

Extended Python Debugger is a more complete debugger for Python than the stock debugger. It supports, among numerous other things, debugging threads, non-interactive POSIX-like line tracing, command options, disassembly of instructions, and stack traces that give better information for exec statements. Stepping/nexting by default skips over method/function "defs". It tries to follow gdb's command set unless there is good reason not to.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Apr 2009 02:14

    Release Notes: This release contains a number backports from a rewritten version of the code. A "skip" command was added and improvements were made to the "disassemble" command.

    •  26 Dec 2008 11:06

      Release Notes: Some small bugs and configuration bugs were fixed. Listing zipped eggs is now supported.

      •  10 Dec 2008 15:03

        Release Notes: Small bugfixes, document corrections, and enhancements were made. Tests were revised for Python 2.6 and Python without readline installed. A bug involving invoking from ipython was fixed. The "frame" command is a little more like gdb's. Exceptions are now caught in runcall().

        •  30 May 2008 17:41

          Release Notes: An experimental feature allows you to drop into a Python or IPython shell (similar to irb for ruby-debug). Parameters are now shown on calls. You can save the current breakpoints and/or settings to a file to be read in during a subsequent debugger session. A gdb-like "annotate" mode was added, improving emacs interaction. Some bugs were fixed and the documentation was updated.

          •  15 Apr 2007 18:44

            Release Notes: Function tracing, interactive and non-intractive, was added; calls and returns now show the nesting level. Support for Emacs 22 and 23 was added; there is better tolerance for emacs on MS Windows. ipython interaction was improved. BSD make can now be used instead of GNU make to build the debugger. Various bugs have been fixed.


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