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Python Call Graph

pycallgraph is a Python library that creates call graphs for Python programs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jul 2008 10:30

    Release Notes: The "pycg" command line tool was renamed to "pycallgraph" due to naming conflicts with other packages.

    •  07 Jul 2008 13:29

      Release Notes: The command line tool "" was renamed to "pycg". "pythonfile" was removed as a required field and was turned into a standard option. Importing relative modules now works when using the command line tool. pycg now catches every Exception and raises them after the graph is generated. pycg also catches SystemExit and continues creating graphs.

      •  24 Jun 2007 15:14

        Release Notes: A command line interface has been added. Accumulative time per function is now measured and displayed in the graph. There's now an option to filter standard library modules. There are many more changes such as more examples and bugfixes.

        •  09 Jun 2007 13:04

          Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug that would generate an incorrect graph under some circumstances.

          •  15 Feb 2007 02:34

            Release Notes: make_graph has been renamed to make_dot_graph to allow different output types in the future. A callback filter patch was applied to allow a more flexible filter method. Docstrings were added, along with a filter example.


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