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09 Jan 2004 00:07 gobry

Re: Keywords
Thanks for pointing that out. I've added a few keywords :-)

08 Jan 2004 09:24 asiala

This is pretty much the program which I was looking for a while ago. I couldn't find it until I saw it today on the frontpage. I'm not saying that I'm the best searcher but I suggest that you would add more descriptive words, such as bibtex, to the about section. That way more people could find this brilliant program!

22 Jun 2002 17:17 aardvaark

pybliographer rules
If I were a woman, I'd have the author's babies.... well. Anyway, It allows me to load a file from web of science and convert it to bibtex flawlessly and has a good user interface. I'd like easier import via Mozilla (i.e., register as a handler for Mozilla), but I'm not sure there isn't already a way (although it isn't documented). I thank the authors for a great program.


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