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28 Feb 2014 18:13 tpfinkbeiner

So I did discover a slick way to use va_args within pyrex. This led to a solution for 64bit platforms. I'd love to contribute the patch. Does anyone know how to reach the authors/maintainers?

27 Feb 2014 23:41 tpfinkbeiner

Hey I'd love to try your 64 bit fix. I think I've identified the problem dealing with the py_callback variadic function, and was going to try to pass the arguments in an array instead, but if you've already got it done, it would save me the work. Thanks in advance. :)

19 Jun 2009 19:18 p2nenga

I have a fix for 64-bit linux, but am unable to reach owner David McNab (his server is not accepting email) to provide that update. Does anyone know where to reach him? TIA,
- paul
paul dot tuinenga at vanderbilt dot edu


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