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13 Aug 2000 13:50 lelegaifax

PyApache update
I noticed that announcement about PyApache 4.19. This is
just to say that there is a new beta version available,

I'm attaching below an excerpt of the new README, that
points to the new web site and mailing lists.
bye, lele.

How to get latest PyApache

The latest version of the module is available at
, where you will find a gzipped tar
file named something like PyApache-x.yy.tar.gz.

There are also two web sites with some pages dedicated to the module:

Mailing lists

Thanx to Graham Higgins, there are now two distinct mailing lists
devoted to PyApache.

The first, "pyapachedevel", is for developers; you can subscribe by
sending email to "".

The second, "pyapacheusers", is for the users of the module and its
subscribe address is "".

From both addresses you will receive back further instruction to
validate the subscription.

The old ML, hosted by, is apparently disappeared without
notice. Thanx anyway to Alejandro Escalante Medina
and the folks there for their effort.


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