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PyAnnolib is a library that lets your Python programs read Electric Accelerator (emake) annotation files. Electric Accelerator is a build tool product from Electric Cloud. Annotation files give a very detailed description of the jobs that were run during the build, including the complete dependency graph. This library is useful for writing reports about your build, data-mining the annotation file for the complete and accurate dependency graph, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Feb 2014 15:27

    Release Notes: PyAnnolib now automatically handles large annotation files which are split into multiple files. When an annotation file reaches 2GB in size, emake stops writing to it and starts writing to a continuation file (with a "_1" suffix). Now there is no need to concatenate these files for PyAnnolib to be able to read them. This release also fixes a bug through which it was assumed that the first emake process must be Make level 0. (This is untrue if emake was started from within GNU Make itself.)

    •  16 Oct 2013 00:35

      Release Notes: The ability to keep track of a chain of Job and MakeProcess records was added. This gives the same functionality as looking at the "Job Path" in Electric Insight. A sample script, "show-jobpath", was added for demonstration purposes.

      •  06 Aug 2013 14:54

        Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with the handling of command output. Previously, it assumed there was only one element per , which is not true.

        •  18 Jul 2013 04:11

          Release Notes: This is the first public / open-source release. It has been used successfully to analyze Linux-based emake builds in order to understand the complete dependency graph of a build.


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