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py_ecc is an implementation of Reed-Solomon codes, which are used for erasure correction, and a collection of routines for finite field arithmetic and generic matrix operations. Erasure correcting codes let you divide information, such as a file or a packet, into n pieces, of which k are required for reconstruction. It provides a clear, easy to understand reference for other implementations of linear error correcting codes, and contains extensive documentation and a number of detailed examples and tests.


Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2007 12:18

    Release Notes: A bug where the Conway Polynomials in were being reversed was fixed. They were still irreducible so the resulting fields still worked, but were not technically fields generated by Conway Polynomials.

    •  28 Oct 2003 22:06

      Release Notes: The header format used to create Reed-Solomon encoded files was changed to allow for files with white space in the file name. Also, the file was modified to allow very large finite fields (GF(2^32) and larger).

      •  04 Jul 2003 13:44

        Release Notes: This release adds a Solve method in and fixes a bug in the LUP method. The new Solve method solves a possibly overdetermined set of linear equations. These changes are probably only of interest to those using the routines in for their own projects, as opposed to those only using the or packages.

        •  20 May 2003 18:15

          Release Notes: This release has lookup tables and other speed optimizations.

          •  20 Nov 2002 10:24

            Release Notes: Test code and documentation was added.


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