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py-setproctitle is a library that allows a Python process to change its title, as displayed by system tools such as ps and top. Changing the title is useful in multi-process systems, for example when a master process is forked: changing the child's title allows you to identify the task each process is busy with. It is based on PostgreSQL's multi-platform implementation.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Porting setproctitle to Python3 25 Jun 2010 02:36

Just starting an effort to port the extension module to Python 3. The Python 3 porting is mostly motivated by a renewed interest in including a method to change the process name in the python stdlib <>. The main problem of the porting is that python2 was kind enough to expose the argv pointer using the Py_GetArgcArgv() function. In Python3 the function returns a decoded version of the arguments in a wchar_t array. This is a problem for platforms where process title changing is implemented by argv clobbering. Luckily on these platforms the arguments are contiguous the environment. What I want to try then is to recover the original argv area starting from the environ[0] pointer and scanning backwards looking for argc strings (with all the necessary care).

Recent releases

  •  23 Oct 2013 21:57

    Release Notes: Support for Python 2.4, and a fix for a build issue on Mac OS X 10.9.

    •  19 Feb 2013 23:50

      Release Notes: This release adds PyPy support.

      •  27 Apr 2012 10:11

        Release Notes: The module can be compiled on Windows again (issue #21).

        •  23 Mar 2012 12:36

          Release Notes: No module bugfix, but a packaging one: release 1.1.4 didn't include README and HISTORY files. They are now included.

          •  15 Mar 2012 02:35

            Release Notes: The module now works correctly in embedded Python (for instance, in mod_wsgi). It now has debug output support always compiled in (the variable SPT_DEBUG can be used to emit the debugging log).


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