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pxview can display information about various kinds of Paradox files, and it can convert Paradox databases into several output formats. Currently, the output formats CSV, HTML, SQL, and SQLite are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2005 08:04

    Release Notes: This release outputs more information about blobs in debug mode. A password checksum is now displayed if the file is encrypted. The format of timestamps, date, and time can now be set with a program option.

    •  25 May 2005 10:58

      Release Notes: This release can now create HTML versions of manual pages on request, use functions like PX_get_num_fields() and PX_get_value(), fixes various memory leaks, fixes many compiler warnings, surrounds field data of memoblobs by enclosure char (CSV output), uses delimeter char for fields if they contain a line break (CSV output), masks special chars in memoblobs (sql output), and checks return value of PX_get_data_alpha() and outputs an error message if needed.

      •  03 Jan 2005 17:08

        Release Notes: Reading and outputting of timestamps was fixed. This release uses PX_timestamp2string(), a new function of pxlib >= 0.4.3.

        •  07 Nov 2004 12:48

          Release Notes: There is no longer a need to specify a blob file if all blobs are contained in the db file. An endless loop in str_buffer_printmask() which affected SQLite output was fixed. The SQL type for time and timestamp can now both be set on the command line.

          •  21 Jul 2004 06:08

            Release Notes: BLOB and BCD fields can now be read. An error in sqlite output was fixed, a new --blobextension option was added, and the --include-blobs option was removed.


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