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pwsafe is a command line password database program for Unix. It is compatible with Counterpane's Win32 Password Safe software. It can also copy the passwords into the X selection and clipboard, but it doesn't open a visible window. The encrypted password database uses the same format as PasswordSafe 2.x (1.[7-9].x is also supported). The database is encrypted with blowfish, and a single passphrase decrypts it all.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2005 07:41

    Release Notes: This release added compatability with PasswordSafe 2.0 databases (including support for groups), the ability to export and merge databases, and some small usability enhancements requested by users. Build issues on RedHat Fedora Core 3 and 4, SUSE, and OS X Tiger were fixed.

    •  02 Mar 2004 10:43

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to quit with a keystroke, and fixes build issues on Solaris, *BSD, and Mac OS X.

      •  21 Feb 2004 15:13

        Release Notes: The getopt_long() and readline() dependencies are gone. A broken readline.h is handled better now. "Use default password? (y/n)" has been fixed; you can now answer No and have it stick.

        •  12 Feb 2004 19:19

          Release Notes: Segfaults in the secure allocator of release 0.1.3 were fixed. A "make check" target was added. A known-good database, named test.dat, was added. A selftest script was added so you can verify that your pwsafe is built correctly. The --with-openssl-dir=dir and --with/without-readling options were added to ./configure.

          •  10 Feb 2004 15:07

            Release Notes: This release is feature complete. Strings and cryptographic keys are kept in unswappable memory. The random number generator is seeded from ~/.rnd (as well as the usual /dev/urandom). The autoconf and build have been tweaked to work on a wider variety of OSes and gcc versions, from Red Hat 6.2 egcs-2.91 to Debian unstable gcc 3.3.3.


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