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Pegasi Web Server

Pegasi Web Server (PWS) is a multithreading Java Web server. It is written by students at the PegasiLUG as a project for Networking.


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2004 22:48

    Release Notes: Security fixes were made for the bugs listed at URLEncoding and URLDecoding were updated to use the new functions instead of the deprecated ones.

    •  26 Dec 2000 00:39

      Release Notes: This release adds general bugfixing, changes to the logging mechanisms, and little patches in the code here and there.

      •  27 Nov 2000 14:43

        Release Notes: A read buffering system was implemented to increase output performance. An error is now returned when a protocol other than HTTP is used. The dirIndexFiles keyword is now used to look for index files. The server now gracefully exits when the port is already in use, and when the ServerRoot directive is not set. The URIs are now url-decoded before being processed. Variables in URI string can now be handled. Log files can now be used instead of stdout/stderr. The ability to add mimetypes using 'addType' keyword was added. Basic preprocessor functionality was added. The functionality for the 'serversignature' directive was added.

        •  04 Nov 2000 22:33

          Release Notes: Initial release.


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