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Pwdrc executes a set of commands each time you walk in a directory with "cd". You can associate a different set of commands to each directory. Each time you walk in a directory the file .`whoami`_pwdrc is read and executed (if it exists), thus if your user name is "foo", your pwdrc file is ".foo_pwdrc".

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2006 06:32

    Release Notes: recurse_pwdrc() has been added in the set of definable functions, and it is called each time the user walks into a sub-directory. The "todo_remider" cookbook has been improved. It doesn't conflict anymore if used in multiple directories, and it supports the shuffling of the output to increase the user's attention.

    •  23 Dec 2005 17:51

      Release Notes: New cookbooks has been added. "automount" automounts a /mnt directory without autofs. "cvsroot" sets your CVS environment variables. "gqview_imgdir" opens gqview when you enter an image directory. "todo_reminder" prints a TODO file. "newmail_mutt_Z" opens mutt if new messages have arrived.


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      Project Spotlight

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