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PureCM is an integrated project management, task tracking and version control tool. Based on the concept of changesets that represent tasks, it provides developers with an easy to use and highly transparent GUI to improve teamwork. The Professional edition includes all features, but the Standard edition only includes the version control core, offering a lightweight solution for users looking for a best-of-breed configuration management tool. PureCM outperforms most other SCM tools, uses a reliable SQLite database, and is scalable to thousands of concurrent developers. The server, GUI, command line, and Web clients runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

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Recent releases

  •  05 May 2010 10:46

    Release Notes: PureCM Professional has been extended and now includes project planning functionality for the first time. This makes PureCM Pro a fully integrated productivity tool supporting release planning, task tracking, and source control. Development managers can plan their releases using drag & drop, assign tasks to developers, and check on progress. Integrated source control provides developers with the correct code version and automates work with feature branches. Each module (planning, tracking, source control) can be enabled or disabled using policies, thus allowing for step-by-step adoption.

    •  30 Nov 2009 14:52

      Release Notes: PureCM is now available as a Standard or Professional edition. While PureCM Standard gives you lightweight source control and configuration management, PureCM Professional adds integrated issue tracking, caching servers, and support for automated parallel development. New features include an optimized cross-platform GUI, including separate repository and workspace views. Parallel development has been simplified, as changesets can be merged directly on the server, including previews and visual conflict resolution. Finally, many new command line commands and numerous bugfixes have been added.

      •  27 Oct 2008 19:57

        Release Notes: This release comes with a new proxy server that caches data locally to accelerate data access for distributed teams. Internal tests have resulted in more than 18x faster file downloads. Further enhancements include an improved resolve dialogue for merge conflicts, visual diffing of image files, and the new component manager. The latter helps development managers to link shared components within or between branches and manage their update path. Changes to a component get automatically promoted to all linked destinations, removing the need to merge them manually.

        •  20 Aug 2008 11:45

          Release Notes: An Eclipse plugin was added. A CruiseControl.NET plugin was added. Shelving was improved so that you can checkpoint unfinished work on the server or pass it to colleagues for completion without integration into the codeline. Management of shared components was simplified. Visual diffing and merging of MS Word files was implemented.

          •  17 Apr 2008 11:37

            Release Notes: The enhancements in this release aim to make the tool faster and easier to use. They include keyboard support across the tool and the ability to submit changes directly from the workspace. The latter speeds up work where you have many changes pending by launching the submit dialog for all change sets at once. Furthermore, PureCM now supports undo of individual changes from the file history. This is particularly useful if you want to reverse a single change, leaving earlier or later changes to that file untouched.


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