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Puppy Linux is a Linux distribution that is about 100 megabytes, yet it includes a complete set of graphical applications, combined with extensive utility applications. Puppy was created from scratch, file-by-file, optimized for size at every step. Another feature of Puppy Linux is that it can work totally without a hard drive, even allowing you to save data and install extra packages by saving back to the CD or DVD.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2013 13:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes bugs with non-US keyboards, external optical media, and playing DVD videos.

    •  17 Oct 2009 09:18

      Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

      •  17 Nov 2005 15:38

        Release Notes: Abiword was upgraded to 2.4.1, with extensive plugins. Multisession DVD is now working well.

        Recent comments

        20 Feb 2009 19:15 thegrendel

        Nice doggy!
        Puppy Linux is unbelievable. I installed it on a 10-year-old 760x Thinkpad,

        and got wireless to work within a couple of minutes. The only issue was

        the legacy cs4236 sound chipset, but I finally got that working too.

        So, now I've got high-speed internet on that "ancient" piece of hardware,

        thanks to Puppy.

        Highly, highly recommended.

        23 Aug 2007 12:17 quantumquark

        Digg - Puppy Linux Perfect for Aerospace Engineers!
        A Linux boot disk on a USB key chain that can meet all the
        needs of a professional aerospace engineer, sound like fiction?
        Making only simple adjustments to the standard Puppy Linux
        Distribution, Gray (user name) from Adelaide South Australia
        has created Puppy 2.16 NOP. ...


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