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Pulse 2 is a tool that simplifies application deployment, inventory, and maintenance of an IT network. It has been designed to handle anywhere from dozens of computers on a single site to 100 000+ computers spread on many sites. It is an easy-to-use, safe, and flexible solution that lets you create and deploy hard disk images of your computers, deploy new software and security updates on all your IT assets, perform software and hardware inventory, and perform remote diagnostics and remote management.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2011 17:11

    Release Notes: This is a major release that introduces a powerful new functionality: imaging. Thanks to bare-metal backup and recovery technology, you can now easily create a backup image of a computer's disks, restore that backup on the same computer, or make it a generic image (a master) to test and deploy on a huge amount of computer. In that perspective, several post-installation scripts can be selected and executed after the restoration of a master to personalize installations. The imaging technology supports all Windows and Linux versions on servers and desktops.

    •  20 Nov 2009 22:45

      Release Notes: This release pushes away the limits of the system under heavy load and/or on potentially unreliable networks. Several enhancements were introduced. On Windows XP or later, a new reactor enables the Package Server to handle up to ten times the usual amount of parallel requests, and allows better user feedback in case of errors. On the Scheduler side, some mechanisms are now available to ensure better behavior in hard environments: broken commands can be automatically neutralized, and an optional lock system can be activated. This release is GLPI 0.72 compliant.

      •  18 Aug 2009 13:34

        Release Notes: This version is focused on scheduling enforcement (errors handling and behavior under specific circumstances such as bad MySQL connectivity combined to heavy load and low bandwidth).

        •  18 Jun 2009 23:10

          Release Notes: The dyngroup module was optimized. Specifically, dynamic group deletion speed was enhanced. A smarter cleaning mechanism was introduced for Win32 platforms in order to circumvent any locks held on uploaded files.

          •  18 May 2009 21:14

            Release Notes: A lot of work has been done to improve the user experience, especially on the fluidity and ergonomics of the interface. In the inventory module, the ability to split clients into logical entities and to give users access to certain entities has been added. In the MSC module, a new proxy mode (multiple) to make the deployment of packages over broadband link safer and quicker has been added.


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