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puddletag is a tag editor for Linux loosely based on mp3tag. It uses a table layout so that all the tags you want to edit by hand are visible and easily editable. puddletag excels at automating repetitive tasks like extracting tag information from filenames, tagging files from a text file or the clipboard, renaming or moving files and folders based on tags by using patterns, and manipulating tags using actions and regular expressions. Supported formats include id3v1, id3v2 (.mp3), AAC (.m4a), VorbisComments (.ogg, .flac), and APEv2 (.ape). Much of mp3tag's functionality has been replicated with added enhancements and tweaks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2012 01:20

    Release Notes: This release fixes issue 189, a puddletag.desktop file installation error with the .deb file, and a Python 2.6 incompatibility. The AcoustID tag source is not loaded now if the fpcalc binary is not found.

    •  05 Oct 2012 01:19

      Release Notes: This release adds German and Russian translations, an updated .desktop file (as per issue 186), an updated icon, and options in the .desktop file which will make it possible to right-click in FM and open in puddletag. It fixes cutting tags, encoding for the genre field, filtering not working with filename fields like __filename, multiple files being selected in file-view and edited, and, when changing focus, the new cell being opened and remaining with the value as before after the change.

      •  10 Mar 2011 18:11

        Release Notes: New Cover art support for all formats (except ASF) Loading master releases in the tag source. For ID3 tags, UFID frames are only loaded if data can be decoded to UTF-8. MusicBrainz artist search retrieves 100 albums by default. Initial reading of a directory can be canceled now. Uncaught errors for Tag Sources shouldn't leave the Tag Sources window disabled anymore. Discogs artist/albums are parsed correctly instead of looking weird. Amazon keyword search wasn't working at all. Having periods in the Tag->Dir function were causing problems.

        •  27 Dec 2010 06:32

          Release Notes: The "Tag -> Dir" feature can move directories. Incorrectly encoded files are corrected. Selected files can be moved up or down in file-view. The MusicBrainz tag source now retrieves more fields. The tag source was added, including artwork. The "Select All in Dir" function supports "Select All" in the previous or next directory. Tentative support was added for Mp3tag's tag sources. Language translations were added. The "~" notation can now be used to exclude fields in function calls. Separate options were added to remove ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. Matches optionally can be automatically retrieved using Tag Sources. Shortcuts were assigned to Actions. The default file sort order is now remembered.

          •  17 Oct 2010 06:19

            Release Notes: A host of additional features and enhancements were added.

            Recent comments

            18 Oct 2010 14:27 audiomuze

            17 Oct 2010 13:12 audiomuze

            puddletag 0.96 has been released and includes a host of additional features and enhancements.

            Highlights include:

            * Ability to accept/ reject changes to existing tag metadata at a track and/or field level when using Tag Sources (including Masstagging). Fields that will be changed are formatted bold and can be viewed/edited in main view, Tag Panel or Extended Tags view. Unchanged fields are shown in italics
            * Ability to remove ID3 and APEv2 tags from files that shouldn't contain these tag types.
            * Ability to toggle confirmations for Renaming Directories, Exiting Preview Mode and Deleting files.
            * Ability to rename folders via an action specifying a value for the __dirname field.
            * Support for UFID frames for ID3v2 Tags.
            * Monkey's Audio File's are now fully supported.
            * The Actions and Functions dialogs can now be tool windows too (See Windows Menu).
            * Actions and Functions now operate and write multiple-valued fields.
            * Two new scripting functions copied straight from Mp3tag: $meta_sep and $meta. See the Scripting page for details.

            Numerous new functions that can be used on a standalone basis or used in actions. These include ability to:

            * import text file to field
            * embed artwork
            * merge fields
            * remove specified fields
            * remove ALL BUT specified fields
            * remove duplicate values in a field
            * sort multivalue fields (ascending, descending and with or without case sensitivity)
            * rename file using tag values

            See the Functions page for a detailed listing and description of each.

            All documentation has been updated. If you're in need of any assistance or have suggestions, please post them on the puddletag forum.

            Last, but not least, puddletag can now be downloaded as a .deb file meaning installation on Debian based Linux systems is as simple as double-clicking on the file to get it and all dependencies installed. In Ubuntu it will appear in the Applications/Sound & Video menu.

            16 Sep 2010 04:47 audiomuze

            With Masstagging now complete and fully operational we've shifted out focus to enhancing under the hood functionality. Work is currently underway to include the following capabilities within puddletag:

            Removing incorrect tag types
            puddletag will enable you to consolidate metadata from various tag types, remove incorrect tag types and rewrite the consolidated metadata using the correct tag type e.g. a FLAC file containing ID3v2 and Vorbis tags will yield consolidated tag metadata and the ID3v2 tags will be removed, without duplicating metadata.

            Splitting, merging and de-duping tags
            You will be able to merge, split and/or de-duplicate tag metadata e.g. if you have a genre tag as follows: genre=Rock\\Hard Rock\\Rock :
            Split tags: genre=Rock, genre=Hard Rock
            Merge tags: genre=Rock\\Hard Rock

            De-duplication will occur automatically when merging or splitting tags.

            Other functions you'll be able to use in Actions include: adding/ saving artwork to disc; removing specified fields/tags and removing all tags/fields EXCEPT those you stipulate.

            20 Jul 2010 20:42 audiomuze

            Just a quick update regarding upcoming features:

            Masstagging and tag source combining is now in unit testing. Once this is released you will be able to batch tag a directory tree simply by loading it into puddletag and telling it to get going with masstagging.

            puddletag will then do its best to figure out the artist/album in each folder (yes, it does assume each album resides in a folder of its own) and retrieve and combine tags from the tag source(s) you specify. For puddletag to figure out artist/album for masstagging, puddletag will consult existing tags first, then, if necessary, foldername, and finally FreeDB (if you use FreeDB) - in effect this means that if you have meaningful foldernames or make use of freedb, there's a good chance puddltag will find the correct album metadata without a single tag being present in any of the tracks.

            When combining tags you'll be able to merge and/or replace tag data retrieved from multiple tag sources and you're also able to specify what tag data you want retrieved from which tag source. This way you'll be able to source specific tags from specific tag sources.

            14 Jul 2010 19:55 audiomuze

            Whilst puddletag is loosely based on mp3tag (and incorporates most of the functionality available in mp3tag) it also incorporates many enhancements we wanted to see and allows efficient tag handling in ways not possible with most editors we'd tried.
            Examples include:

            * a spreadsheet-like layout that enables selection of individual tags/cells across multiple files and performing operations on the selected tags only
            * copying selected tag(s) from one track to many tracks in a single operation
            * quick search and replace of text across selected tags/ cells or entire tracks using Ctrl-H (no need to write an action for a quick search/ replace operation)
            * extended tags view that uses colour feedback to show you what will be added, altered and edited on hitting OK
            * ability to see stored tags as written to file (i.e. without tagname translation) to help resolve pesky issues like id3 and vorbis tag types in a single file
            * ability to tag single tracks using tag sources (handy when the album you're looking for doesn't exist in tag sources, but the songs do exist in other albums found in tag sources (why tag by hand when you can just take track metadata from other albums)
            * ability to include/ exclude specific tags from tag sources
            * easily select all tracks in a folder using a hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-S) (no more dragging the mouse cursor around and shift-clicking)
            * resize/relocate/close windows (configure your workspace to suit you)
            * realtime results feedback when defining actions (so you can see the results an action will generate as you define it)
            * importing tags from clipboard (in much the same way one would from text file (why copy track data from a website, save it to a file and only then write it... pop it into the clipboard and write it from memory)
            * dynamically change main window font size to suit your needs
            * launch puddletag with a predefined font size
            * (optionally) dynamically size columns to match tag metadata
            * drag and drop tag columns in main view to reorder them
            * predefined and readily editable tag patterns always available to you through a pulldown menu
            * customisable hotkeys
            * ability to import and edit tags directly in the QuodLibet library

            Last, but not least, puddletag's been developed using Python and is free as in free by being licencsed under GPLv2.


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