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Public Bookmark Generator

Public BookMark Generator (PBM) is a perl script designed to process links (and folders) out of netscape's bookmark file, using the description field to erase some entries in order to create a public bookmark HTML file that people can distribute on their web page.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2001 20:05

    Release Notes: This release works with mozilla-style bookmarks. There is a bugfix in user references duplicate location.

    •  08 Dec 1999 03:11

      Release Notes: "Fromfile" option added to generate user HTML look was. "Stylesheet" added to use HTML 4.0 Sytle sheet capability. Generated basic HTML was extended to 4.0 Transitional. Convertion support was added to "any2bm" for Opera and Mosaic HotLists. Duplicate recognition was extended.

      •  23 Aug 1999 23:19

        Release Notes: First release to work with "configure", bugfix when not using news header and bugfix for "No new links added".

        •  24 Jul 1999 05:45

          Release Notes: Fixed bug in new links header and index depth access interaction, extended user references warnings.

          •  19 Jul 1999 00:07

            Release Notes: Now allow more than one reference by link and warn if they are not useable or duplicated. Output code enhanced so that it can be read on any browser. Basic output code should now pass the HTML validity tests. Addded option "pif" not to add a "PBM information footer" to the generated code. Added a new script "ie2bm" to perform Internet Explorer's Favorite to Netscape's Bookmarks conversion.

            Recent comments

            01 Jul 1999 08:02 AHinMaine

            Public Bookmark Generator
            If you like this one, you should really check out to make your bookmarks look REALLY cool. Comes complete with a cgi search-engine.


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