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PSUtils is a collection of useful utilities for manipulating PostScript documents. Programs included are psnup (for placing out several logical pages on a single sheet of paper), psselect (for selecting pages from a document), pstops (for general imposition), psbook (for signature generation for booklet printing), and psresize (for adjusting page sizes).

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  •  31 Dec 2002 18:29

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    Recent comments

    04 May 2003 16:16 andrewcooke

    Re: need precompiled NT version for U.S. paper size
    psresize supports changing sizes, but if you start with letter you'll end up with letter size for most commands. there's no internal conversion to a4.

    for rotating by 180deg can't you turn the paper upside down? otherwise, try pstops 0U(10cm,10cm) (you'll need to change the 10cm to the width and height of the paper). there may be an easier way.

    25 Mar 2003 11:57 justanyone

    need precompiled NT version for U.S. paper size
    I work in Windows. I live in the U.S. and need to work only with 8.5 x 11 inch paper, not A4.

    Also, the docs need to list how to simply rotate a postscript (.ps) file 180 degrees with a command. I need to do this on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

    Otherwise, looks like it might work for what I need... If I can figure it out.


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