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psmon is a Perl script which can be run as a stand-alone program or a fully functional background daemon, capable of logging to syslog with customisable email notification facilities. The user defines a set of rules in an Apache-style plain text configuration file. These rules describe what processes should always be running on the system, and any limitations on concurrent instances, TTL, and maximum CPU/memory usage of processes. psmon scans the UNIX process table and, using the set of rules defined in the configuration file, will respawn any dead processes, and slay or "deal with" any aggressive or illegal processes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2005 06:53

    Release Notes: This release removes the Unix::Syslog dependency and uses stubs in the <DATA> handle which will print messages to STDERR if Unix::Syslog cannot be loaded. The overloading of the AdminEmail command line option over other AdminEmail values was abstracted from the sendmail() method to the calling code. The debug output code was tidied up, and may now be enabled by setting the PSMon_DEBUG environment variable to a boolean true value. More POD documentation was added.

    •  17 Apr 2005 23:05

      Release Notes: The syslog code has been changed so that the initial testing and daemonizing uses syslog with PERROR, so errors are also logged to the connected terminal. Once it's been daemonized or started to do an actual process check, it reopens the syslog connection without PERROR so that log entries only end up in syslog. A psmon-config utility script has been added. There are various other minor fixes and enhancements.

      •  12 Nov 2004 14:09

        Release Notes: This release fixes some problems with PID file location, per user process scanning, and combinations thereof with daemonization. It adds a --verbose commandline option.

        •  13 Aug 2004 21:21

          Release Notes: Compilation failures on some platforms have been fixed.

          •  02 Aug 2004 06:26

            Release Notes: The code was cleaned up and repackaged.


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