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PSlib is a library for generating multi-page PostScript documents. There are functions for drawing lines, arcs, rectangles, curves, etc. It provides very sophisticated functions for text output, including hyphenation and kerning.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Apr 2011 07:19

    Release Notes: Support for reusable images was added. Various minor bugs were fixed.

    •  12 Jul 2007 16:36

      Release Notes: This release can be compiled for Win32 using mingw or Visual C. It has support for creating Type3 fonts. Kerning and ligatures can be added manually.

      •  07 Jun 2006 17:25

        Release Notes: Fixes various bugs in PS_continue_text(), PS_get_buffer(), PS_begin_page(), PS_arc(), PS_arcn(), and PS_set_border_style(). Adds support for BMP, TIFF, and GIF images. Adds a blind feature to PS_show_boxed(). Setting boxheight in PS_show_boxed() makes the box as large as needed.

        •  28 Jul 2005 14:50

          Release Notes: PS_add_bookmarks() now works even with characters in the bookmark text which are not allowed in PostScript strings. PS_open_image() can read EPS images from memory. Encoding vectors at position 363-365 were fixed. JPEG CMYK images can now be read without segmentation faults. The character to dissolve ligatures can be set through the "ligaturedisolvechar" parameter. Entering PS_PATH_SCOPE always starts a new PostScript path. This fixes the clipping bug. Both grayscale and RGB JPEG images can be read.

          •  14 Jan 2005 21:52

            Release Notes: Several segm faults on Solaris have been fixed. This release can be compiled with the C++ compiler. It has better support for PNG files.


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