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Perl Snapshot Is Not Incremental Backup

Perl Snapshot Is Not Incremental Backup backs up Samba (or Microsoft Windows) shares to central disk space using LinNeighborhood mount scripts as configuration files. The disk space is organized into multiple directories named after the server, share, and date. Each dated directory contains a snapshot of all the files on the exported share on the particular date. Disk usage is reduced by using hardlinks to keep multiple full copies of files available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Aug 2004 11:59

    Release Notes: This release adds resource usage control with a maximum share and file size to backup, and a minimum available space required for backups to begin. There is more aggressive checking if the host is up (so it will detect machines which have firewall enabled, but also allow file sharing).

    •  18 May 2004 00:22

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      Recent comments

      06 Aug 2004 07:43 dpavlin

      Re: Terrible Name
      I agree totally. However, that name was introduced back in beginning of development and stuck until now. I'm open for suggestions.

      OOH, psinib has plan to support rsync hosts, ssh and even local disks. However, I don't have any estimated release date for those features.

      06 Aug 2004 06:49 markthomas

      Terrible Name
      First, it's not a Perl snapshot, it's a Samba snapshot that is written in Perl. The name "Perl Snapshot is Not Incremental Backup" doesn't tell me what this project _is_.

      Second, the whole "is not" thing is used to create recursive acronyms (such as "WINE Is Not an Emulator"), so unless you call the project SINIB, as in "SINIB Is Not Incremental Backup", you may as well drop the Is Not part. I'm not too fond of recursive acronyms anyway--it's a contrived cuteness that's been overdone.

      I recommend changing the name to something more descriptive yet shorter.


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