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Project Steve Guttenberg

Project Steve Guttenberg is a PHP-driven diary/journal/blogging application that integrates seamlessly into an existing Web site. It provides many of the core features (including comments, trackbacks, RSS 2.0, tags, and searching) and administrative controls (all Web-based) of other, larger systems, but doesn't use a database, is XHTML 1.1-compliant and its look can be completely customized via CSS. It can easily be scaled to host several journal sites with a single installation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2007 12:37

    Release Notes: This release adds support for captchas and the akismet comment spam service, a new asset manager, support for Google's ping server, and an updated French translation.

    •  24 Aug 2006 17:55

      Release Notes: This release adds a spellchecking feature and fixes a number of bugs.

      •  03 Mar 2006 19:02

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that broke the user's preferences when they were saved to disk. It also fixes a minor bug in the XML-RPC ping client.

        •  09 Jan 2006 12:45

          Release Notes: This release introduces a number of important new features, including a new preferences page that is much easier to use, moderation of comments and trackbacks, recursive tag searching, support for the <language> element of the RSS feed, a tag cloud feature, and a new French translation.

          •  21 Oct 2005 17:09

            Release Notes: This release improves the way TrackBacks work: instead of specifying a particular URL to send a TrackBack ping to, you can now choose to ping all the URLs linked to from your article. TrackBack pings now also happen much faster. The new "profile" option allows each user to create their own HTML profile that can be shown at the top of each user page. TrackBacks and XML-RPC pings now use the same HTTP client code to reduce duplication. Several new CSS classes have been added. The documentation has also been updated.


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