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pscal is a simple shell script that creates PostScript calendars. It's not the most advanced calendar creator available, but for quick, nice looking calendars, it's very handy to have sitting in your bin directory. Features include: font selection, user-defined holidays, phase of moon, and days past/remaining in the year.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jan 2005 23:10

    Release Notes: The %%Orientation comment was added to the PS prolog. Russian and Slovak translations were added. A sample Slovak .holiday file was added.

    •  13 Jan 2002 02:16

      Release Notes: Updated Esperanto and Polish translations, and new Serbian and Turkish translations.

      •  23 Dec 2001 20:55

        Release Notes: New Danish and Finnish translations, an updated Polish translation, and an option to start the week on Monday. It also corrects bugs with no leading zeros in the .holiday file, and incorrect handling of the language when $LANG was set to "C".

        •  16 Apr 2001 05:02

          Release Notes: New Italian and Spanish translations and a fix for the -R option.

          •  15 Apr 2001 01:25

            Release Notes: New Catalan and Esperanto (h-System) translations.

            Recent comments

            13 Dec 2012 06:31 cyrussmith

            If you need SIMPLE calendar program for outprint exm. to A4 sheets, when it is excellent.
            Adjust for your needs, no programming skills required at all.
            (Open prog-file with any text-editor and use your human logic, you can easily adjust the general things, if you wont)
            Other similar progs (which appears from Google search in 1-st place) are not so simple to use...
            IMHO, in lightweight category it is the best. I'm very pleased.

            13 Aug 2009 01:32 gcbfreshmeat


            i'm sending patches and inviting people to commit their holiday files here.

            also will try to extract the holidays automatically from google calendar

            28 Jan 2009 18:59 rnturner

            Re: pscal's output broken beginning in 2009

            > The calendars produced beginning in 2009

            > are off by one day. For example,

            > 2008-12-31 and 2009-01-01 are both on

            > Wednesday.

            Ouch. The problem I ran into above wasn't for the latest release. However, there does appear to be another LANG-related problem for some users. (Different than the older comment regarding the LANG setting.) "en_US" isn't recognized as a valid language setting; at least not on SuSE-based systems or even an old RH8.0 I have access to. Changing the assignment on line 127 to "en_US.UTF-8" fixes that problem. Prefixing a recognized LANG setting to the command (i.e., "LANG=C pscal mm yyyy") works, too.

            28 Jan 2009 13:47 rnturner

            pscal's output broken beginning in 2009
            The calendars produced beginning in 2009 are off by one day. For example, 2008-12-31 and 2009-01-01 are both on Wednesday. I hope this can be fixed as pscal has been so useful over the years.

            09 Feb 2001 17:14 devphil

            Bug in 1.11 -- checking against POSIX LANG values falls short
            First, the SYNOPSIS in the comments at the start of the script is utterly outdated. Anyhow...

            The default setting of LANGUAGE picks up $LANG from the environment, but then doesn't test for the POSIX "sublanguage" strings. For example, en_US (American English) is the default LANG setting in all of our systems out of the box, but pscal warns about an unknown language. (It tests for "en", but nothing more.)

            Unfortunately, warning isn't enough, because it generates bad PostScript as output.

            Anyhow, it's good to see that someone is maintaining pscal. It's been so useful over the years!


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