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Prudence is a platform for creating scalable Web applications and network services using dynamic scripting languages and proven REST principles. Your application can support thin clients (HTML) and rich clients (AJAX), with anything in between. You can also create pure REST services with no user interaction. Languages supported are Python, Ruby, Groovy, Clojure, JavaScript, PHP, Succinct, Velocity, and anything else supported by the Scripturian project.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2014 15:55

    Release Notes: This is a major reworking of the project's usability, with a profoundly easier and more powerful configuration environment. The documentation (160 printed pages) has been entirely rewritten for clarity and usability. New features include integrated caching of your Web APIs, modular installation, advanced templating, MVC, and support for the Lua programming language. It's also ready for JVM 8 right now, making full and good use of the Nashorn JavaScript engine.

    •  22 Aug 2011 05:16

      Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that mostly involves upgrading a few dependencies and improving various pain points in the distributions.

      •  01 Jul 2011 00:32

        Release Notes: Instances of Prudence now automatically discover each other and form clusters (via Hazelcast) that can share global data and tasks. This lets you easily farm out your work in the cluster for super-scalability and redundancy. It has been tested with 100 nodes on EC2. This release is identical to RC13.

        •  22 Jun 2011 06:21

          Release Notes: A new API, conversation.headers, was added. An improvement was made to cache chaining called backtracking. The following dependencies were increased in version numbers: Scripturian R301, Restlet 2.0.8, H2 1.3.156, MongoDB Driver 2.6.3, Hazelcast, Clojure 1.2.1, JRuby 1.6.2, and Quercus 4.0.18.

          •  03 Jun 2011 23:46

            Release Notes: This release fixes hanging threads when using the HTTP client and service installation issues with Windows.


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