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Prosody IM Server

Prosody is a server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy to use and light on resources. For developers, it aims to give a flexible system on which to rapidly develop added functionality or prototype new protocols.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2013 20:47

    Release Notes: This release brings full support for IPv6 throughout the server, the top feature request since 0.8. It also makes a number of security enhancements, including support for server-to-server authentication using certificates instead of traditional DNS-based authentication ('dialback'). Other improvements include a new HTTP subsystem supporting virtual hosts and fully reloadable modules, pubsub support (XEP-0060), and more.

    •  07 Apr 2011 15:43

      Release Notes: Support for authentication and storage modules to integrate Prosody with 3rd-party databases, directories, and other systems. The first new storage plugin is for SQL databases and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Also included is a migrator to move data between the file-based and SQL storage. Ad-hoc command support is now included by default to allow configuration and control of Prosody remotely from an XMPP client. Multi-user conferences now support members-only, invite-only, and password-protected rooms.

      •  14 Jun 2010 20:39

        Release Notes: This release adds support for libevent (epoll, kqueue, etc.) to enable handling of a large number of connections. Also new is support for Cyrus SASL authentication, allowing authentication against LDAP, PAM, SQL, and others, in addition to allowing GSSAPI/Kerberos. Support for SASL SCRAM allows for more secure logins, and server-to-server compression allows for bandwidth savings.

        •  28 Apr 2010 14:21

          Release Notes: Various bugfixes and minor enhancements were made. Important changes include disabling SSLv2 by default (since it is insecure) and fixing a bug which could cause invalid XML to be sent to clients. Some cases where data sent to a connection immediately before close could be lost were also fixed. The algorithm for choosing targets from SRV records was fixed. Stanzas sent over s2s connections are ensured to always have the correct namespace.

          •  28 Nov 2009 01:40

            Release Notes: This release brings server-to-server encryption support and configurable per-vhost SSL certificates. Multi-user chat now allows multiple resources in different locations to share the same nickname in a chatroom, as well as admin controls such as kick and ban. Zlib stream compression for clients reduces bandwidth consumption (useful for mobile connections). New console commands allow adding/removing vhosts at runtime.


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